A state-of-the-art M&A service offering fully dedicated to ambitious companies

A Few Words About Us

Auteuil M&A Conseil provides M&A services to ambitious groups, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, and family offices

The team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in pan-European M&A with an extensive M&A background in

  • Investment banking
  • Mid-size companies / large multinationals
  • Privately held / listed groups
  • LBOs

Our Value Proposition

A state-of-the-art M&A service offering fully dedicated to ambitious companies

Client focus

  • Mid-size groups
  • Portfolio companies of PE houses
  • Investment funds
  • Family offices

Fully flexible

  • Management of all transaction sizes, from €1m to €150m sales
  • Ability to deal with all situations: family businesses, listed companies, private equity shareholders

Comprehensive services

  • Client support in all kinds of buy-side transactions
  • Client support in straightforward sell-side transactions
  • “Outsourcing” of M&A position

Expert in pan-European cross-border transactions

  • Track record all over Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, UK
  • Successful management of local specificities and cultural differences

Deep sector knowledge

  • Distribution / industrial supplies
  • Manufacturing & distribution / Safety protection
  • B2B manufacturing and services
  • All industrial sectors

Focus on key transactions success factors

  • Clear strategic objective
  • Sustainable and profitable growth
  • Key talents retention
  • Well anticipated & managed integration
  • Successful achievement of planned synergies

Our Key Strengths


  • Day-to-day transaction managed autonomously by Auteuil M&A Conseil
  • Clients' resources preserved / minimal disruption of clients' resources at an advanced stage of the deal


  • Adapted to all transaction sizes, from €1m to €150m sales
  • Adapted to all company profiles: family businesses, listed companies, private equity shareholders
  • Adapted to all geographic specificities
  • 100% driven by clients' interests
  • 100% focused on transactions success factors!
  • Leverage experience to execute transactions the most efficient manner
  • Momentum used / created
  • Corners cut
  • More than 30 years of combined experience in M&A
  • Strong track record of successful acquisitions all over Europe

Our Services

Buy-side services

  • Support clients in acquisition strategy definition
  • Define acquisition criteria
  • Map targets’ universe
  • Select targets according to criteria
  • Perform targets’ ranking
  • Define best approach (who, by whom, how)
  • Contact targets' owners / management
  • Monitor relationship / convince targets to discuss with clients
  • Organize direct interactions between targets and clients
  • Collect preliminary information
  • Prepare indicative offers
  • Coordinate due diligence / monitor advisors
  • Collect DD reports / highlight DD outcome to clients
  • Prepare final offers incl. DD outcome
  • Cooperate with selected law firm
  • Assist clients during transaction terms negotiations
  • Assist clients during legal documentation review
  • Assist clients up to signing
  • Assist clients up to closing (if need be)
  • Define integration workshops and draft roadmap together with clients
  • Select / support integration teams
  • Coordinate integration workshops
  • Set up regular meetings
  • Provide reporting to clients

Sell-side services

Transaction Parameters Definition
  • Define clients objectives: price, confidentiality, involvement, calendar...
  • Define nature of sale process: competitive bid vs private sale
  • Define number and typology of acquirers: trade buyers vs private equity houses
  • Define calendar
Company Optimization
  • Financial / Accounting
  • Legal / Taxes
  • Social / HR
  • Management
  • Commercial
  • Logistics
  • Digital
  • Marketing / Communication
Process Preparation
  • Gather data
  • Draw up teaser
  • Draw up information memorandum / information package
  • Prepare data room
  • Prepare vendor due diligence?
  • Prepare management presentation
  • Prepare legal documentation (in coordination with law firm)
Process Management
  • Send teaser and confidentiality agreement to potential buyers
  • Send information memorandum / information package
  • Collect and analyze indicative offers
  • Select potential buyers invited to next phase
  • Open / monitor data room and Q&A
  • Organize management presentation and site visits
  • Receive and analyze binding offers
  • Send legal documentation to selected buyer
  • Negotiate legal documentation
  • Signing / closing

Interview of Pierre Escoffier, Founding Partner of Auteuil M&A Conseil

In this interview, Pierre Escoffier provides a comprehensive overview of Auteuil M&A Conseil's areas of expertise, strengths and specificities.

Our Team

Pierre Escoffier

Founding Partner


HEC / IEP Paris / DESS in International Tax Systems

Strong M&A competences & best practices

  • Stock exchange regulatory authority (COB) – 4 years
  • Investment Banking (Société Générale) – 6 years
  • Honeywell – 3 years

Expert in portfolio optimization - Sperian, leader in safety protection – 4 years

  • Entry into high-tech safety business – Nacre, Norway, intelligent earplugs
  • Market enlargement towards collective protection – Combisafe, Sweden and UK, fall prevention solutions
  • Disposal of less profitable / non core businesses – Oxbridge-Comoditex, Imagewear / Optrel, welding helmets

Expert in pan-European cross-border acquisitions – IPH, distributor of industrial supplies – 5 years

  • Doubling size of German business and entry into Poland – Kistenpfennig
  • Entry into Italy with market leader acquisition – Minetti
  • Entry into Spain through 3 acquisitions – Giner, Julsa and Syresa

Creator of “deal machine” – RUBIX, European leader in industrial supplies distribution – 1.5 years

  • M&A processes harmonization, creation of strong pipe and acceleration of deal flow

Anissa Ballou

M&A Analyst


ESSEC Business School / ESCP Business School

Strong financial analysis competences

  • Advanced Master in Finance
  • Debt Capital Markets (Société Générale) – Internship 
  • M&A Analyst (Arfilia) – Internship 

Internationally focused

  • Exchange semester in the USA (Ross School of Business – University of Michigan)
  • Exchange semester in Singapore (ESSEC Asia Pacific)

Good knowledge of B2B Services

  • Carried out various market analysis at a sector-specific level
  • Opened new service line to existing accounts
  • Established businesses' needs and advised them of the most beneficial program
  • Met with prospective clients to analyze needs and make a recommendation



Office Address

Auteuil M&A Conseil
27 rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016 Paris, FRANCE